The Neural and Biomedical Technology Department advances the science and technology in neural and biomedical engineering with the aim of creating novel and efficacious solutions to better people’s lives and to improve the quality of healthcare. We form strong partnerships with clinicians to develop medical solutions and devices for healthcare needs. To transfer our technologies to market, we actively engage medical and healthcare companies in commercialisation.

In the area of human neural sensing and intervention, we focus on advancing neural information processing to provide understanding of the human brain, so as to alleviate mental problems, enhance cognitive capabilities and treat neural disorders. In human physiological sensing and interpretation, we acquire and interpret continuous physiological information, enabling monitoring of patients from hospital to home. And in human image sensing, we leverage our capabilities in information extraction and characterization of the images to provide scientific evidence for disease diagnosis, treatment assessment, lesion detection, and surgical planning and training.

The Department organizes its research in to three areas.

Neural decoding and neuro-intervention
Adaptive and robust brain-computer interfaces
Brain state classification and detection
Brain-computer interface system optimization
Biomedical Image analysis and interpretation
Functional connectivity and multimodal fusion
Neural & biomedical marker detection
Neural & biomedical information processing
Neural computation & modeling
Biomedical sensing and actuation

NBT News and Events

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